Achmea Bank uses cookies on this website.

A cookie is a small amount of information which is stored on your computer or mobile device in the shape of a file. Cookies help us recognize your computer or mobile device if you visit us again.

Why does Achmea use cookies?

We use cookies to make sure our website works properly and is secure.We use the information we obtain from the cookies to analyze and improve our website. We do not use cookies for marketing purposes.

The table below lists all cookies that can be placed during a visit to The name of the cookie is in the first column. The second column contains the explanation about the cookie and the last column tells you how long the cookie will be stored.
Name Type of cookie Party that places the cookie Goal(s) and consequences Categories of (personal) data Retention period Transfer to Transfer outside the EEA
TS01 Functional Achmea Bank
First Party
This cookie is set by our website to ensure that website requests are consistently processed by the same server in our infrastructure. This is for the security of our website. Anonymously Session F5 No
_stCookieTest Functional Achmea Bank
First Party
This cookie is used to register all cookies and permissions issued by the visitor. Anonymously Session Relay42 No
_svs Functional Achmea Bank
First Party
This cookie is used to register all cookies and permissions issued by the visitor. These are your cookie settings. Anonymously 2 years Relay42 No
 __cm_session_id Functional  Achmea Bank First Party  This cookie is used to monitor whether invalid cookies, browser storage or network requests are used or placed during a visit on our website.  Anonymously 30 minuten   Harvest No
Achmeabank#lang Functional Analytical Achmea Bank
First Party
This cookie is used because our website uses Sitecore. The cookie stores the context language of the current website. Anonymously Session Sitecore No

How does Achmea Bank deal with your privacy

In our Privacy Statement you can read how we deal with your privacy and the processing of personal data. You can also read more about your rights. And for which purposes we use your personal data. Achmea Bank N.V. is part of Achmea B.V. and is responsible for your uses "Google Analytics cookies". 

How to remove cookies?

Do you object to the use of cookies? You can enable, disable and delete cookies in the settings of your internet browser. Since the cookies are placed on your computer, you need to do this yourself. If you choose to disable cookies, you may find that some sections of do not work or do not work properly. An explanation on how to adjust your cookie settings can be found in the ‘Help’ function of your browser.

Good to know about this Cookie Statement

Achmea Bank is allowed to change this Cookie Statement if there are developments in the company or if anything changes in laws or regulations. This Cookie Statement was changed most recently on 1st June 2022. You will always find the most recent edition on our website, so check it out regularly.