Achmea Bank publishes its Annual Report and ESG Impact Report 2023

Friday 12 April 2024

On March 15, Achmea Bank announced its annual figures via a press release. Today we publish the comprehensive report with the financial statements and an explanation of our figures. You can find our Annual Report 2023 via this link.

ESG Impact Report 2023

The ESG Impact Report, also published today, focuses on Achmea Bank's progress and activities and our impact on a sustainable environment (Environmental), a social society in which everyone can participate (Social) and reliable and honest banking policies (Governance). As part of the ESG Impact Report, we also report on the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB).

In the ESG Impact Report, we cover in detail our initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, both through our operations and our mortgage portfolio. We do the latter by helping customers to make their homes more sustainable. The way we manage climate risks is also covered. In addition, we report on our social sustainability efforts and discuss the PRB. By implementing the PRB, we fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and the Paris Climate Agreement.

CEO Pierre Huurman: "With the ESG Impact Report, we show that we are committed to sustainability and report about the steps we have taken in 2023. For us, it is important to reduce emissions, but in addition, we are definitely keeping an eye on customers who need our help in making their homes more sustainable."

Topics covered in the ESG Impact Report include:

- Our targets and progress on emissions from our mortgage portfolio: carbon neutral by 2050;
- Climate-related risks and risk management;
- Our social impact, through good employment practices, transparency and, among others, Bank for the Classroom;
- The Principles for Responsible Banking.

You can find our ESG Impact Report 2023 on our website.
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