Achmea sets up a separate account as the next step in combining its mortgage activities

Tuesday 04 August 2020

Achmea wants to grow its mortgage activities and so Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance proposes to set up a separate account for providing mortgages through the Centraal Beheer brand. This means that institutional investors from the Netherlands and elsewhere will be able to invest directly in their own portfolios of Dutch residential mortgages with the risk profile they want. Achmea is, therefore, offering greater choice to institutional investors.

Achmea Bank intends to be an investor in the separate account and to run its future mortgage business through Syntrus Achmea.

This expansion of its service to institutional investors allows Achmea to enhance its strengths in the housing and mortgage markets and to grow its market share. It will be in a position to offer even better service by providing appropriate and sustainable mortgage solutions to institutional investors.

This is a further step towards combining its mortgage activities that Achmea has announced previously.

The creation of the separate account is subject to the approval of the relevant regulators and other stakeholders, including the Supervisory Boards. 

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