Hans Snijders appointed to Achmea Bank's Supervisory Board

Wednesday 27 December 2023


Hans Snijders has been officially appointed as member of the Supervisory Board of Achmea Bank as of today. He takes over the position of the recently resigned Henny te Beest. Miriam van Dongen has taken over the role of chairman of the Audit & Risk Committee from Henny te Beest.

Hans Snijders has extensive experience in the financial sector. Among other things, he is chairman of the Supervisory Board of Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance and board member of pension fund bpfBOUW.

The appointment of Hans Snijders is for a period of four years and has been approved by the Dutch Central Bank. The Supervisory Board of Achmea Bank now consists of: Huub Arendse (chairman), Miriam van Dongen, Daphne de Kluis and Hans Snijders.


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