Henny te Beest steps down as Supervisory Board member of Achmea Bank

Thursday 16 November 2023


Henny te Beest will step down as a member of the Supervisory Board of Achmea Bank on the 18th of November. He held this position from 2015 during two four-year terms.

Huub Arendse, chair of Achmea Bank's Supervisory Board: "Henny has shown himself to be a capable and committed supervisor. He has worked for Achmea Bank with great enthusiasm and expertise. We thank Henny for his important contribution and wish him all the best."

Bianca Tetteroo, chair of Achmea’s Executive Board: “We would like to thank Henny for his much appreciated contribution to the development of Achmea Bank over the past eight years.”

Henny te Beest: "For eight years I have had the opportunity to witness the development and growth of Achmea Bank up close. With great satisfaction and pleasure I was able to make my contribution together with the other Supervisory Board members and the Managing Board of Achmea Bank. I am proud to see where Achmea Bank now stands. Finally, I wish my successor every success."

Achmea Bank's Supervisory Board now consists of Huub Arendse (chair), Miriam van Dongen and Daphne de Kluis. As soon as more is known about the filling of the vacant position, further information will follow.

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