Banking Confidence monitor 2020

Tuesday 12 January 2021

On January 11 the Banking Confidence Monitor 2020 was presented. Since 2015, Dutch banks have been collaborating with this survey on consumer confidence in banks and the quality of their services. Achmea Bank also has been participating in this survey with the Centraal Beheer and Woonfonds brands.

The 2020 report shows that consumer confidence in banks is stable, with an upward trend. This is the overall conclusion from the Banking Confidence Monitor 2020. The upward trend is mainly visible in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2020 and is largely attributable to the efforts of banks to help customers who were affated by covid-19 with among others payment holidays on mortgages. In 2020, consumers actually have experienced the help and involvement of the banks.

Each bank gives substance to the opportunities for improvement that emerge from the Confidence Monitor. The scores of Achmea Bank's brands rose slightly in 2020. In addition to our own findings, the results of this survey give us insight in which areas we are doing well and where we can still improve. 

Banking Confidence monitor 2020

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