Managing Board

The Managing Board determines the mission, strategy, policy and objectives of Achmea Bank and is responsible for realizing this. The Managing Board focuses on business continuity and, in its decision making, makes a balanced assessment of the interests of all stakeholders including customers, investors, employees and the shareholder.

The powers and responsibilities of the Managing Board are described in the articles of Association (Dutch only) and the Managing Board By-Laws (Dutch only)

Composition of the Managing Board

The composition of the Managing Board is such as to enable it to perform its duties properly. Complementary attributes and skill sets, collegiate decision-making and diversity are the requirements for effective management performance. Each member of the Managing Board must have a thorough knowledge of the bank's social functions and of the interests of all stakeholders involved.

The members of the Managing Board

The Managing Board of Achmea Bank consists of Pierre Huurman (chairman), Mark Geubbels and
Bob Engels. Within this team, Pierre and Mark form the Statutory Board. The board members are jointly responsible for the management of the bank and decisions are made on the basis of unanimity. All board members have extensive experience in the financial sector and complement each other on the basis of background, knowledge and experience. They accordingly possess a good understanding of the role of a bank in society and are capable of making balanced assessments of the interests of all our stakeholders.

The resumes of the individual Executive Board members and their ancillary positions can be found below.



Pierre Huurman (1965)

Chief Executive Officer

Pierre Huurman has been the Chairman of the Managing Board of Achmea Bank since 2016. Previously, he was divisional Chairman at Staalbankiers. Before that he was responsible for marketing and investments at Staalbankiers. He also held various management positions at ABN AMRO.


Mark Geubbels (1979)

Chief Financial & Risk officer

Mark Geubbels has been the Chief Financial & Risk officer of Achmea Bank since 2019. Previously, he was senior manager Balance Sheet & Financial Risk Management. Mark held various management positions, including at Rabobank, where he was responsible for Finance within the management team Retail and at ABN AMRO.


Bob Engels (1979)

Chief Operating Officer

Bob Engels has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of Achmea Bank in January 2024. Bob joined Achmea in 2004 and held various management positions. Previously he was senior manager Business & Operations (2018) and manager Savings (2015) at Achmea Bank.