About us

Achmea Bank is part of Achmea, the largest insurance company in the Netherlands, with a cooperative background. We offer savings and mortgage products through the Centraal Beheer and Woonfonds brands.


Achmea Bank is a mortgage and savings bank

Achmea Bank is the competence and service center for mortgage and retail savings products of the Achmea Group. We provide expertise in the fields of product management, balance sheet management, risk management and compliance.  

We complement the wider range of insurance products of the Achmea brands with mortgage and savings products. Our products are simple, transparent and flexible. In order to offer the best solutions for our customers, we use the expertise of our business partners. Together we offer financial solutions for retirement and the purchase of a house.

Our goal is to provide long-term financial security to our customers. We put the interests of our customers first. That means we manage the savings of our customers in a careful and responsible manner and we maintain a responsible lending policy. It also means that Achmea Bank is committed to safeguard the continuity and reliability of its services. We have a strong financial position, a low risk mortgage portfolio and a sound risk management structure.

Our main focus is on the sustainability, reliability and performance of the services we offer. The management of our business is geared towards the long-term interests of customers and other stakeholders. We aspire to gain the full trust of our customers, distribution partners, employees, regulators and investors as well as of our shareholder Achmea. No decision is taken without careful consideration of the interests of all our stakeholders.

As an independent legal entity with a banking licence, Achmea Bank N.V. has direct access to the capital market. We ensure adequate liquidity and capital to meet our obligations to our investors and our customers. Achmea Bank has a strong capital and liquidity position and a diversified funding mix  with retail savings and wholesale funding.