Sustainable entrepeneurship

As part of a cooperative insurer, we solve major issues related to health, living & working, mobility and income. Based on cooperative ideas and experience, we know that value for the customer and society always come together, with Sustainable Living Together as the central mission of our organization. Achmea Bank contributes with its sustainability ambitions and activities to the global Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, with a focus on the following themes: reducing inequality, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action. By signing the 'Principles for Responsible Banking', Achmea Bank demonstrates its contribution to these SDG's and to the Paris Climate Agreement.Besides that sustainability is a central theme within our organization, we also ensure that this theme is central to our partners (see Sustainability statement).

Our ESG policy

We want to create value for our most important stakeholders: our customers and employees, partners and investors. We do this by working in an enterprising and innovative way on solutions for sustainability issues that are in line with our core competencies and activities. At the bottom of this page, you can download our ESG policy, in which we describe our sustainability ambitions for each ESG criterion (Environmental, Social and Governance).

Our ESG report can be found in the annual report

We include an ESG section in our annual report, in which we report on our objectives and results for each ESG criterion. In addition, we publish an annual Climate Impact Report in which we report on the total CO2 emissions and energy labels of our mortgage portfolio. Finally, we report on our ESG ratings, which can be found (together with the Climate Impact Reports) on the page Investors > ESG.

More information

More information about Achmea's ESG policy and the annual report can be downloaded from the corporate website of Achmea.


Download ESG policy Achmea Bank
Download Climate Transition Plan