An accessible society is an important part of ESG. The aim is to guarantee accessibility for everyone for a participative society. As part of Achmea, Achmea Bank has a joint policy to achieve the social objectives.

We believe that participation in society is the basis for a sustainable society, and that is why we strive to contribute and support access to basic services and adequate living conditions for everyone. As part of this effort, we take responsibility for labor and human rights conditions within our processes and supply chains. In addition, we develop activities to improve the financial well-being and independence of Dutch citizens. To achieve these objectives, we have formulated policies for various subjects. Below you can read some of the important topics.

Diversity and inclusion

Every person is different. Good thing, too. We do everything we can to ensure that everyone feels welcome at Achmea Bank. Because if you are, you feel free and you can be yourself. Then you are able to discover your talents, to be creative and innovative. We believe that everyone should be given the space to be themselves. Only then can you get the best out of yourself and realize your ambitions together with colleagues. Topics covered by the Diversity and Inclusion Policy include:

  • Gender: A correct balance between the number of men and women improves performance and contributes to good decision-making. Achmea Bank strives for a good distribution at all levels: on the work floor, in management, in the general and Executive Boards and Supervisory Board. Our approach focuses on the levels where this is not yet the case. We are also working on increasing the advancement of women to the top.
  • Cultural: Cultural diversity and inclusion is a theme that we pay a lot of attention to within Achmea Bank. Not just because we think it's important that everyone gets equal opportunities. But also because we believe that we can only achieve our ambitions if employees can and dare to be themselves. With different perspectives and talents, we are able to be more creative and innovative to better understand and serve the customer.
  • Occupational Disabilities: At Achmea Bank, a disability does not have to be a limitation. We are currently a leader in the participation of employees with an occupational disability. It fits our identity and strategy to give people with disabilities the full opportunity to be part of our working community. Achmea Bank has a growing number of employees with an occupational disability who fully contribute to our ambitions and to our customers.
  • Working at Achmea: People differ, fortunately. We want everyone to feel welcome at Achmea. So we do our very best to make that happen. Every day we work towards a more diverse and inclusive environment, in which everyone is given the space to be themselves. A team in which everyone recognizes themselves; you always fit in. Also check our website

Code of Conduct

Within Achmea we work according to a code of conduct. These agreements are the guideline for how we treat each other and our stakeholders.

Learning and developing

At Achmea Bank, we believe it is important that our employees do what makes their hearts beat faster. Achmea Bank gives employees the space to learn, deploy and develop talents so that employees become even better at what they do every day! This is how employees work on their own development and we make the lives of our more than 10 million customers a little better every day. 

Achmea Bank invests in lifelong learning and development. At Achmea Bank, employees take control of their own careers. Working on craftsmanship, new knowledge and skills, this ensures that our employees stay fit for the future. Learning is more than just getting an education. It is also about discovering talents, learning at your own workplace or taking a look at another department. All this is possible at Achmea Bank.

Also view the policy documents below: 

Human Rights and Labour Rights Statement
Ethical Manifesto (Dutch only)
Regulation on Undesirable Behaviour (Dutch only)
Risk Framework for the management of integrity
Whistleblower policy (Dutch only)