Our social profile is also reflected in our governance. In collaboration with regulators, partners and employees, we ensure honest management and grip on our processes. We work in accordance with the applicable standards and frameworks for banks, but we also go a step further to really put the customer first and make our processes and products truly understandable. Achmea bank as part of Achmea is committed to the governance guidelines and policy as drawn up by Achmea. A detailed description can be found on the Achmea website. We describe some of them here.

Testing and development of products and services

We want the products and services we develop to closely match the wishes of our customers. To ensure that these are appropriate and meet all guidelines and requirements, we work according to the Product Approval and Review Process (PARP). On the one hand, the PARP process offers a testing framework for processes: clearly laid down responsibilities, stimulation of self-critical ability, well-defined target group determination, extensive scenario analyzes and product comparison, good connection with relevant other processes in the product chain, ensuring a timely evaluation of Products.

On the other hand, it offers a testing framework for products (KNVB criteria):

  • Cost efficiency: does the product offer value for money?
  • Usefulness: does the product fulfill a substantiated need of the target group?
  • Safety: Does the product do what it promises in different circumstances and is the outcome acceptable to the target group?
  • Understandable: can the target group assess the operation of the product on the basis of the information it receives from the provider?

AFM: “The AFM's supervisory objective with regard to the standard is: customers can rest assured that the products they are offered are demonstrably the result of product development processes in which the interests of the customer have been taken into account in a balanced manner. This means that Dutch society can trust that product affairs will be prevented.”

Code for banks

Together with the Social Charter and the rules of conduct associated with the banker's oath, the Banking Code forms the Future-Oriented Banking package. The aim of this package is to make an important contribution to restoring public confidence in banks and their role in society. Achmea Bank N.V. complies with the Banking Code. Concrete examples are used to indicate how compliance with the principles has taken place.

Below you can find various policy documents that are part of honest business operation:

Tax Transparency Report 2022
Achmea Renumeration Policy 2022/2023 (Dutch only)
Appendices Achmea Renumeration Policy  2022/2023 (Dutch only)
Remuneration Policy (art 5. SFDR Statement)
Code of Conduct for Procurement and Outsourcing Processes
General Terms and Conditions of Purchase 2022