We want to create value for our 4 most important stakeholders: our customers, employees, partners and investors. We are working in an innovative way on solutions for sustainability-related issues that are in line with our core competencies and activities. Within the ESG policy of Achmea Bank, we describe our sustainability ambitions for each ESG criterion.  


Achmea Bank signed the Climate Agreement in 2019, thereby committing ourselves to report on the climate impact of our mortgages from 2020 onwards. We include an ESG section in our annual report and publish an annual Climate Impact Report in which we report on the carbon emissions and energy labels of our mortgage portfolio. We also report on (regulatory) disclosures related to carbon emissions, energy labels and environmentally sustainable economic activities. We are actively participating in working groups of PCAF and EEM-Hub NL on these themes.

Sustainability ratings

Independent rating agencies review our sustainability policies and activities. Achmea Bank is reviewed by two rating agencies: Sustainalytics and ISS. Sustainalytics uses a risk scale up to 100, while ISS uses a rating scale from D- to A+.


Rating Agency 2019 2020 2021
Sustainalytics ESG
Risk rating
 24.3 (medium risk)
 22.5 (medium risk)
 ISS  C-  C-(transparency
level high 60-80%)