Achmea Bank and Quion reach agreement on outsourcing

Thursday 28 April 2016

TILBURG – Achmea Bank N.V. and Quion have ratified their proposed partnership by signing an Outsourcing Agreement.On 7 April, Achmea Bank announced the decision in principle to transfer the servicing and a part of its lending process connected with the mortgage portfolio to Quion.Through the partnership with Quion, Achmea Bank aims to improve customer service and achieve a structural cost reduction. This is in line with the objectives of Achmea's Acceleration & Innovation programme of change that begun in 2014.

The implications for the workforce and the organisation have been submitted to the Achmea Works Council for its advice and Achmea Bank staff has been informed about the contents of this submission. This outsourcing will lead to job losses at Achmea Bank. A part of the existing staff is expected to transfer to Quion. In selecting Quion, the interests of employees and the existence of a similar corporate culture were taken into account.

In collaboration with Achmea Bank, Centraal Beheer has launched a new mortgage product this month, the Thuis Hypotheek, of which the servicing is performed by Quion. Later this year, Woonfonds will also be connected to Quion's mortgage servicing system. The administration and servicing of the existing Achmea Bank mortgage portfolio will be transferred to Quion as of the beginning of 2017. Achmea Bank currently services a credit portfolio of around Euro 12.5 billion and the ambition to grow in the mortgage market.

Further financial details will not be disclosed

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