Green Finance Framework


Achmea Bank, as part of Achmea, stands for Sustainable Living Together. We create sustainable value for all our stakeholders. This means, among other things, that we help Achmea's customers in the transition to a climate-neutral society. For example, by offering services and financing options to make your own home more sustainable. We have ambitious goals for making our mortgage and real estate portfolio more sustainable. Achmea's sustainability ambition also includes attracting green financing. With this we offer our investors sustainable investment opportunities in high-quality Dutch mortgages and real estate. Achmea has set up a Green Finance Framework (GFF) for this purpose. 

The GFF is based on the Green Bond Principles (ICMA, 2021) and the Green Loan Principles (LMA/APLMA, 2021). The GFF has been externally reviewed by ISS ESG; hereby is a Second Party Opinion available. The methodology has also been assessed by CFP Green Buildings. 

Achmea intends to (in)directly allocate the proceeds from the issue of financial instruments under this Framework to sustainable mortgages and/or investments related to, among other things, new and existing energy-efficient homes in the Netherlands (Residential Real Estate) and to energy-efficient commercial buildings in and outside the Netherlands (Commercial Real Estate).

Below you will find the corresponding documentation:

  • Green Finance Framework - This report presents voluntary process guidelines that have been developed. This involves green issuers, investors, financial institutions and NGOs with a view to promoting the development and integrity of the green financial market.
  • Methodology Report – This document is covering the top 15% low carbon residential buildings in the Netherlands.
  • Second Party Opinion – This involves an assessment of the three core elements to determine the sustainability quality of the Green Finance Instruments.
  • Investor Presentation – This presentation provides an overview of the Green Finance Framework.